Source Code is the documentation

In an Agile environment we try to creat “just enough documentation” and “just enough architecture”. To achieve this we need our source code to become a part of the documentation.

Coding size or language syntax, does it matter?

There are lot of programming languages in the world, there is one for everybody. All those languages have something in common and that is that they are trying to help you solve a problem. But they all try to do it there own way.

Security experts are in the old Testers position?

We all know that testing is important and since more and more companies started doing agile we all have learned that testing needs to be done on the go and not at the end of our software development. Where couple of years ago it was very hard to find teams with testers in them now you can find a lot of them.

Java 7, this is it?

Java 7 was released, so I gave it a spin to see what kind of improvements were made. While testing some new features I went online to look for not so obvious changes as well. Here is a short list of the new features and improvements in Java 7.

Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

Last day I got a tip about this old article "Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development”. My first thought was “Here we go again, someone who is claiming a programming language is dying. The never ending returning discussion.”

The Business Model Canvas

On our last IT-Eye openspace meeting we got a great explanation of The Business Model Canvas from our colleague Tim Pinchetti. I found it very interesting to see how simple The Business Model Canvas is for sketching new or existing business models.

10 Minutes Hands-On: Apache Camel

Integration frameworks are getting more popular because you can easily integrate services or you can use them to integrate partial application parts to one application. To show you how easy it has become to integrate we did a 10 Minutes Hands-On at the It-Eye open space and this was the working result of that.

I bought an iPad :(

I know some of you may start calling booo booo and I must admit I never thought I would buy one either, but it did happen. So let me tell you how it happened and for those interested I will tell something about what I like and dislike on the iPad.

How to: iPad 4.2.1 jaibreak on windows in 5 steps

For those who want to jaibreak there iPad this is the fastest and the easiest way to do. All the thanks go to the greenpois0n developers, cheers for the good work.

How to install OS X in Virtualbox

If you are like me and like experimenting with technology then on some point it must have crossed your mind to try out the OS X. If so then this is the way to play with it without owning an mac.

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