Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development

Original post can be found at It-Eye

Last day I got a tip about this old article “Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development”. My first thought was: “Here we go again, someone who is claiming a programming language is dying. The never ending returning discussion.” But I read it never the less and this is the summery of the article as I interpreted it: “Java was good but now we need a new better programming language that fits all and can be used to serve the business better. Java now days is just to complex to allow business to be agile (aka change).” The original author doesn’t give us any alternatives but just tells us that the new language should provide us with the following: “Dramatically increase developer productivity.” and “Allow developers to delegate change to business end users.”.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a better programming language or wanting the business to be able to change quickly, but blaming it all on to Java or any other programming language in this matter is in my opinion just wrong. If you want to achieve these two things you should try this:

  • Stop working the old fashioned way and start working agile. Let the business be in control and decide where to go and guide the “development team” to achieve this as fast as possible.
  • Use the right technologies for the job, don’t be afraid to mix there is nothing wrong with that. If the server side can be done in Java and the front end in Javascript then let it be.
  • Build small blocks that can be added, removed or changed easily if necessary. Trying to build big piles of unified software is not good.
  • Believing that the today’s 4GL will solve all your problems is just a dream, as with every language you need flexibility to be an innovator.

These four are just a small set of what to do to achieve what the original author was preaching. Who knows maybe someday ruby or a new X language will step up to the plate and the businesses will leave Java alone but for now Java is here to stay. At the end a programming language is just a tool to perform what you want, changing the name will not solve your now day’s problems. Until the new perfect language comes out the four guidelines mentioned above can help to achieve the goal.