Production ready AWS ECS (EC2 Container Service)

Production ready AWS ECS (EC2 Container Service)

Docker containers vulnerability scan with Clair

Scan you Docker containers for vulnerability with Clair and validate vulnerabilities

Docker container secrets on AWS ECS

Easy way to use Docker container secrets on AWS ECS

Dockerize your Development Workstation

This is my Dutch Docker Day talk "Dockerize your Development Workstation"

GTD (Getting Things Done)

As a consultant I am doing a lot of things, so to keep up I have always used some form of a TODO list. The reason why I did this is because it helped me break down my tasks in to smaller ones and keep focusing, but also because I kept remembering the quote I once heard “smart people write things down, dumb people try to remember it”.

Rooting my Galaxy S5

It’s been a while I have tinkered with my Android phone, I thought it’s time to root and play around. How hard can it be right? I have done this 100 times before. You already know where this is going, 2+ hours of flashing rebooting until it worked…. :)

Continuous Delivery of Docker Images

This is my Xebicon talk "Continuous Delivery of Docker Images"

Start again with jekkly

I have not blogged for quite some time now, I just had no fun with it anymore. But as I have done very cool things in the past two years I am actually sad that I haven’t shared my knowledge with the world.

Goodbye Ubuntu, Welcome Arch Linux

I started using Linux years ago and I tried a lot of distributions but Ubuntu was always my main distribution on my work laptop. The reason why I used Ubuntu was simple, it worked and it did not have a lot of maintenance if you didn't customize. But after so many years of Ubuntu I needed a change.

Parallelism simplified by Akka in Java

I have bean writing applications in Java EE environment for some time now and I didn't need to worry about creating own threads. When I needed to create and manage my own threads it always felt wrong because of to much low level programming. Then I came across akka and wanted to try it out.

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