How to: iPad 4.2.1 jaibreak on windows in 5 steps

For those who want to jaibreak there iPad this is the fastest and the easiest way to do. All the thanks go to the greenpois0n developers, cheers for the good work.

Step 1:
Connect your iPad to your PC and make a backup with your lovely (sarcasm) itunes.

Step 2:
Download “greenpois0n” from here

Step 3:
Start greenpois0n and connect your iPad to your PC if it wasn’t connected already

Step 4:
Press the “Prepare to Jailbreak” button and follow the instructions.

Step 5:
Press the “Jailbreak” button. When the iPad reboots it will show commandline text on the screen don’t panic let it finish.

That’s it you have just jailbroken your iPad, have fun.