I bought an iPad :(

I know some of you may start calling booo booo and I must admit I never thought I would buy one either, but it did happen. So let me tell you how it happened and for those interested I will tell something about what I like and dislike on the iPad.

More than a month ago I decided I wanted to buy a tablet so I went searching for an android one. I found two candidates that suited my needs and those were the Archos and Point of View. Yes there was also the galaxy tab but I have plaid with it and in my opinion the screen is to small for my needs. At the end I just wanted a 10inch tablet. Besides that I already have the Galaxy S so buying the galaxy tab would feel like I was buying my phone with a bigger screen.
Because Archos was not available at that moment I went for the Point of View. The speed and the external connections of the POV(Point of View) were great but there was a BIG draw back. And that draw back, you may call it game spoiler was the screen. I compared the POV against my Galaxy S and I could not live with such a bad screen, so eventually I just decided to return it.
Now there I was wanting a tablet but was left with no options. Because I hate waiting I just sad F… it and went and bought an iPad. The biggest reasons for buying an iPad were the screen and the fact it was available.

The iPad it self is great, it does what it needs to do and does it well. The screen and the speed of the device are great. I must say I am also surprised by the amount of the applications and the games that are available for it. There a lot of high quality games and apps that are really worth of having an iPad.

But not everything is that great on the iPad. Although people may say you don’t need flash my experience with the iPad was that there where a lot of times when I really need it. I also hate the fact that when I press install on an application the App store shuts it self down. The 256mb of memory is just not enough, I experience a lot of force closes because of the insufficient memory.