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Google Tasks

I like doing a lot of things, and that means I have a lot of stuff to do that I need to remember. I used to create todo text files and that works oke, but you soon end up with a lot of files and the stuff is usually on your PC only. This means that when I get an idea or I remember something I want to do I can not add it to the list. Yes I can add it somewhere els and then merge it but it means I need to manage multiple input lists and eventually I will forget to merge something.

Data visualization

What do you see when you look on the Internet? You see a lot of data. With the computer we can do a lot of things and one of them is creating more and more data. At some point the amount of data is going to be so big that we are not going to be able to read anything useful from it while trying to read raw data.

Jason Fried Why work doesn't happen at work

From the start of my carrier I knew I didn't wanted to be stuck in traffic or at least try to bring the delay to the lowest. So I started to travel to my work after the traffic hours and tried to work as much as I could at home. It didn't took me long to realize that for some reason when I was working at home I did much more work than I did when I was at work at the office.

How to:Android 2.2 on Galaxy S without Odin or Kies

You may have heard or maybe not but there is an 2.2 version available for the Samsung Galaxy S. You may also know that the update over Kies will take a wile because Samsung has not released that yet. You may also know that you can flash your device with Odin witch is fine off course, but there is also a third method using the recovery and I am going to show you how.

Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy S (Android)

In my previous post I showed you how to create an chroot environment for the arm and run it on your Ubuntu. But it's much nicer to see it work on a real device or on an Android device like Samsun Galaxy S GT-I9000.

Creating chroot for arm on Ubuntu with rootstock

Some of you may or may not be familiar with chroot, for those who are familiar with chroot good job and for those that aren't shame on you.

Chromium and the HTML5 video (Youtube)

If you are like me and are using chromium (dev channel) instead of chrome you may have noticed that playing HTML5 video from youtube or others is not working. That is because the default chromium ships with free codecs only. So to fix this problem do the following.

How to root your Samsung Galaxy S

This is an “how to”. I will show you how to root your Samsung Galaxy S. The credits go to LeshaK for rooting method and lmfwtw for providing a small tutorial that this how to is based upon.

How to use embedded glassfish maven plugin?

You already know how to use embedded glassfish from junit now it's time to show you how to use the maven plugin to achieve the same.

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