Jason Fried Why work doesn't happen at work

From the start of my carrier I knew I didn’t wanted to be stuck in traffic or at least try to bring the delay to the lowest. So I started to travel to my work after the traffic hours and tried to work as much as I could at home. It didn’t took me long to realize that for some reason when I was working at home I did much more work than I did when I was at work at the office.

At first I did not know why this was the case, because I was doing the same thing at work and at home, reading mail, news, phone,brows and lot more.. After a while I realized that my most creative moments where when I was able to quietly and without interruption think and day dream about the solution. So I started to think about why and where I performed the best and why, although I never discussed this openly because I assumed it’s different for everyone else until couple of years later (meaning now) I came across this video. This video explains exactly why my way of working really works for me and probably works for most people at the office.
I like working with people and like discussing stuff but when I want to work I go home :)