Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy S (Android)

In my previous post I showed you how to create an chroot environment for the arm and run it on your Ubuntu. But it’s much nicer to see it work on a real device or on an Android device like Samsun Galaxy S GT-I9000.

To run Ubuntu on Android/Samsung you need to create an img file using my post, you can also use two of my start and stop scripts from here start stop.

I have also created an img for those that don’t want to or can’t create one: Download

Step 1:
Lets begin by preparing our device by create an folder on android, connect your phone to your computer and do:

sudo adb shell
cd /sdcard
mkdir ubuntu

Step 2:
Now you can upload the img file and if you like you can also upload my start and stop scripts.

sudo adb push ubuntu.img /sdcard/ubuntu
sudo adb push startA_ubuntu.sh /sdcard/ubuntu
sudo adb push stopA_ubuntu.sh /sdcard/ubuntu

Step 3:
Now that you have done all the prep work you can use your ubuntu by doing:

cd /sdcard/ubuntu 
sh startA_ubuntu.sh ubuntu.img

Step 4:
To exit just run:

sh stopA_ubuntu.sh

That’s it, no more no less :)

Oh I have also created two movies, first one shows how to setup and the second one is the prove it works on galaxy S. Have fun watching.