Nginx 1.4 on Ubuntu 13.04 from source

I worked with Apache for a long time and I never had the chance to do something with nginx until now. I decided to try nginx and see if I can get it up and running. In this post you can find the steps needed to make the nginx 1.4 available on your Ubuntu.

Apache 2.4 vs Nginx 1.4

Having setup Apache and Nginx I wanted to see how they performed. I am not trying to do a scientific performance test here, I am just interested in how Nginx behaves because I haven't used it before.

Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 13.04 from source

I wanted to test Apache 2.4 on my Ubuntu 13.04 but it was not available as a package, so I went and compiled the sources. In this post you can find the steps needed to make the latest Apache available on your Ubuntu.

I wanted to buy an Android tablet but I bought an iPad

Today I went to buy a new tablet for myself, replacing the old iPad that I was not using much. As you can guess by looking at my blog I am an Android fan so I wanted to buy an Android tablet but instead of that I came home with an iPad. I had no other choice here in the Netherland really, I mean really.

Ubuntu 12.10 Nvidia Quadro K2000M on Dell M4700

To make the Nvidia proprietary drivers work make sure you disable "Optimus"; in bios found in "Video"; tab.

Performance of my new laptop

Couple of days ago I got my new laptop (Dell M4700) to replace my old one. I was interested in how it performed compared to my old laptop, to make it more interesting I added my desktop (AMD) to the comparison as well.

VirtualBox vs VMware Player vs KVM

I was testing the performance of VirtualBox and VMware Player when i thought maybe i should test one of the more bare metal hypervisors like xen, kvm or esxi. Xen needs more config than kvm and esxi is without actual host so i decided to try out kvm because it is the easiest one to setup.

VirtualBox 4.2 vs VMware Player 5

Yesterday i tested the performance of VirtualBox and i thought it should be nice to see how it compares against the famous VMware. I chose to test the VMware Player instead of the workstation because it is free. The first big difference between VirtualBox and VMware Player was that the Player did not allow more than 4 cpu's to be assigned.

VirtualBox 4.2 performance in Ubuntu 12.04

I am using VirtualBox for a long time now, although i know there is an performance penalty i never bothered to check how big it was. I got curious and though maybe I should test this to see how it works out. This is not an scientific test or anything fancy just a simple tests that show a difference in performance between the hardware and VirtualBox 4.2.

5 reasons sprint planning doesn't go perfectly

There are many reasons why sprint planning sessions don't go the way you want them to. Here is my short list of the things that I have seen breaking the sprint planning sessions the most.

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