I wanted to buy an Android tablet but I bought an iPad

Today I went to buy a new tablet for myself, replacing the old iPad that I was not using much. As you can guess by looking at my blog I am an Android fan so I wanted to buy an Android tablet but instead of that I came home with an iPad. I had no other choice here in the Netherland really, I mean really.

So what happened? I could have gone and bought an Nexus 7 but that is not my preferred screen, even if it is a great and cheap tablet. My other choice was some random Samsung or other known brand but they all lack high resolutions and I am not buying a tablet with less than full HD period. I intend to use this device for a lot of reading like I do on my Nexus and I want it to be crystal clear. So then the next option was the Asus Transformer Infinity, although this is a nice tablet it is not cheap at all and not very easy to find here. So what was my next option then? Maybe one of the not so famous brands with high resolution? Maybe but that is not really what I was looking for and I want some support from the community regarding the custom roms. So my next option then was the newly introduced Sony Xperia Tablet Z, this is a fine tablet but is not available at the moment, Q2 maybe? This brings me to my the last and my personal favorite option the Nexus 10. This is the perfect tablet for me and I would buy it without hesitation. I don’t really like the way it looks but this tablet packs a great screen with a fine price. But ooh wait this tablet is not available in the Netherlands and if you wish to buy it you will pay more than 600 euro. I love it but I am not nuts.

As you can read here above I really had no choice, there are some great tablets with value for money but they are not the ones I am looking for. I am looking for a tablet with a great screen and then the choices are very thin. Because I had no choice left in the Android camp I went and bought an iPad for the second time in my life, damn this really hurts :)

I wished the Android manufactures would start selling more tablets with high resolution and I also really would like to see Google sell their Nexus line here in the Netherlands. Until that time I am giving my money to Apple (not because I want to).

Although I have bought the iPad and I don’t regret the decision it is not a great device if you are an Android user, it lacks a lot of nice features that an Android user gets comfortable with. But never the less the screen makes me very happy when I look at it.

Some of the things I hate on the iPad:

  • Switching between apps when you go from one to another by clicking a link or something, the back button is so nice in Android.
  • Android keyboard and keyboards are a blessing compared to the iPad’s keyboard.
  • Sharing between apps is so much easier with the Android than on the iPad.
  • Not having an folder access makes all the apps in iPad implement a stupid web share I am suppose to access to get to my files. </ul>