Creating workspace for the Android source

I was playing around with the Android sources lately. I followed the androids way of creating the workspace on you machine, although that works perfectly it’s manual approach. So to make it a bit easier for you guys I just made a small script that can do all those steps for you.
The script is meant for Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit. If you have any complains let me hear about it. BTW I will try to mess some more with the sources and with android so you may see more info in the near future. DOWNLOAD

13 thoughts on “Creating workspace for the Android source

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  4. krystal

    ok so i downloaded ubuntu and i opened up terminal where do i go from there because i tried to enter cd ~/myandroid and all i get is bash: cd: /home/………. no such file or directory what do i do????

  5. alphard

    I have few quries,

    I’m trying to build Custom ROM for HTC Buzz. I have also downloaded kernel sources from HTC develper Center for Buzz. but seem I’m missing somethings here which you might know hopefully.

    1. Since BuZZ is based on 2.1-update1, how to download android source for specific version (say 2.1-update1)
    2. I have seen your in which you use PGP key, why do we need this key. downloading android sources does not suffice for build system image.. bit confused here.

    anticipating your reply.


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