I have been busy with my private live and some what with my work, the rest of the time I was on vacation :)
Haven’t done anything exciting on the tech side so have not much to tell yet besides that I have a new phone for more than a month now. I have an HTC Hero running on Android and I must say thank god for android.

I love the way the phone works, it’s not perfect but it works as it should. It does have some hick-ups but I can live with that (have to update it tough). I like the idea of android (I am a fan of open-source so..) I find it nice that it integrates with my work (exchange) and my personal mail. I am able to work more efficient now that I can see all my appointments in one place, and to forget my mail. I also like the market place, although it isn’t easy to find nice things they should make more options for searching.
Other things I like are the touchscreen (I do miss dedicated keys tough), the looks of the phone, ability to make things easily for my self (not like symbian HELL).
Thing I hate is the camera, before this phone I had the nokia n95 and if I compare those two then hero would be better off without a camera because it doesn’t look like it can be used for any purposes while the n95 camera was making very nice pictures and movies. To put it in a simple way HTC Hero camera SUCKS!

That’s all for now I hope to do some fun things in android and if DO I will keep you posted. I am also planing an application for android I hope I can make that happen soon and release it.