Git svn and Ubuntu

Recently I tried git on my machine and I must say I like it. But because a lot of other people are still using svn I tried to combine that.

The reason I like git after only using it couple of days is that I have my own local repository where I can commit all my changes to without bugging other people with it. This way I can try out new things without causing problems to others. After some days or hours I can still synchronize my local repository with an online git or svn repository. I can synchronize all my changes like I committed them with git or I can squash all my changes to one commit.

First of all let’s install git:

sudo aptitude install git-core git-svn

Now lets import an existing svn project in to our own local git repository:

mkdir Something
cd Something
git svn init
git svn fetch -r23
git svn rebase

Now you are ready to use your git repository. If you wish to work with eclipse use this plugin.

After you have made some changes to your local git repository you can commit those changes to your svn repository by doing this:

git svn dcommit

Hope this helps out.