Blog Finaly UP again

I am sorry for this big delay. Some have noticed some have not that my blog was offline for a long period. The reason is as follow, my provider got hacked and almost every customer at them got issues (talking about thousands of customers and hundred thousand websites).

The server I was on was had a total DATA loss. You would say not a problem you got backups and this is where everything goes in to water. I HAD backups but when something goes wrong everything goes wrong. I will spare you the details but I only managed to save my old blog posts and everything else was gone on the server and unusable at the backups.
So to cut the story, I had to begin from scratch!

I am recovering and fixing everything when I get time, because it’s holidays right now I don’t get much time to spend.

Right now I don’t much information to offer but that will change, I will be back with useful stuff. But first I need some more time to setup the server as it was, to make full auto backups and procedures and at last to make some “cold” standbys for if this every happens again.

Have fun and happy summer :)