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5 reasons sprint planning doesn’t go perfectly

Original post can be found at It-Eye

There are many reasons why sprint planning sessions don’t go the way you want them to. Here is my short list of the things that I have seen breaking the sprint planning sessions the most.

  1. No Product Owner or not available

Not having a Product Owner available in sprint planning is a bad idea. Even if your user stories are written well there are always questions or decisions that need to be made regarding the functionality or the priority. A solution is to have one other team member be the substitute Product Owner as long as he/she collaborates with the Product Owner and is allowed to make decisions. Continue reading

Source Code is the documentation

Original post can be found at It-Eye

In an Agile environment we try to creat “just enough documentation” and “just enough architecture”. To achieve this we need our source code to become a part of the documentation.
At this point most developers will jump in the air and all others will go “oooh NO”. The reason why we have such reactions is because developers think they don’t need to do anything and all others think the code is not readable. I must say that in the past the last argument was pretty much true, but all of this has changed or it needs to change fast. Continue reading

Coding size or language syntax, does it matter?

Original post can be found at It-Eye

There are lot of programming languages in the world, there is one for everybody. All those languages have something in common and that is that they are trying to help you solve a problem. But they all try to do it there own way.
Every company has struggled one way or another to chose what programming language to use for a project. If they haven’t then they probably chose what they already have been using. For those that have been choosing most of the time they were looking at things like, can we find experts, is the language fast, secure, does it help us solve our problems faster and tools for the language. But have we ever looked at code size or language syntax and decided on that as well? Probably not, but should we? Continue reading

Security experts are in the old Testers position?

Original post can be found at It-Eye

We all know that testing is important and since more and more companies started doing agile we all have learned that testing needs to be done on the go and not at the end of our software development. Where couple of years ago it was very hard to find teams with testers in them now you can find a lot of them. Besides that it was very hard to convince companies why you needed a tester on the go and why that was better and cheaper than doing “some” testing at the end. Now days it’s all much easier and companies understand the benefit of testing on the go instead of doing bulk testing at the end of the software development. Continue reading

The Business Model Canvas

I totally forgot to post this on my own blog so here it is, the original one can be read at It-Eye

On our last IT-Eye openspace meeting we got a great explanation of The Business Model Canvas from our colleague Tim Pinchetti. I found it very interesting to see how simple The Business Model Canvas is for sketching new or existing business models. As this was not a presentation but an open discussion we soon ended up in sketching a real life business model. While we discussed our new business model it was clear to me that the only thing you needed to know to be able to fully understand what the model meant were the 9 blocks on the canvas. When you know the meaning of those 9 blocks you are capable to sketch, understand or discuss The Business Model Canvas. Continue reading

I bought an iPad :(

I know some of you may start calling booo booo and I must admit I never thought I would buy one either, but it did happen. So let me tell you how it happened and for those interested I will tell something about what I like and dislike on the iPad. Continue reading

Blog updates

I did some updates yesterday:

1)Updated WordPress to the latest
2)Added download posts as PDF
3)Adjusted the theme to be more wide (everyone these days uses high resolutions)

Data visualization

What do you see when you look on the Internet? You see a lot of data. With the computer we can do a lot of things and one of them is creating more and more data. At some point the amount of data is going to be so big that we are not going to be able to read anything useful from it while trying to read raw data. Continue reading