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How to:Android 2.2 on Galaxy S without Odin or Kies

You may have heard or maybe not but there is an 2.2 version available for the Samsung Galaxy S. You may also know that the update over Kies will take a wile because Samsung has not released that yet. You may also know that you can flash your device with Odin witch is fine off course, but there is also a third method using the recovery and I am going to show you how. Continue reading

Build Eclair aka Android 2.1 for Hero from source

First of all let met thank (loxK, kiall, jnwhiteh and Behnaam) because those guys are doing a very good job buy creating rom’s for Hero and posting there information on the net. This post is all about eclair and Hero. What you will see here is how to build eclair for Hero and how to create an so you can flash your Hero. Continue reading

How to create a custom rom for Hero from Android sources

UPDATE1[27.01.2010] If you search on the Internet you can find a lot of custom roms for android phones but when you start searching for an tutorial on how to create one your self it gets confusing. You need to look very well and learn by trail and error to find all the stuff you need to create an rom of your own. That’s why I decided to show you how to create an rom for HTC Hero from scratch. Continue reading

Android 2.1

The development of Android is going very fast. It’s not that long ago that Android 1.5 was released and HTC Hero was out. But we already have seen 1.6 getting released and 2.0 was released just since. But that is not the end of the story there is a leaked HTC Hero 2.1 circling around since couple of days. Some of the devs on xda are working on it to bring it out for testing. I think the release of the 2.1 at the moment is only for testing purposes and we need to wait a bit longer to see a full finished 2.1 for Hero. Never the less it’s fun to play around with new stuff.